Welcome to 'bues.ch'

This is a collection of various Open Source projects, such as a desktop CNC mill, a CNC remote control or software projects like the Razer device driver for Linux.

You are encouraged to use the HTTPS protocol to access this site. This will encrypt all traffic securely. A self-signed certificate is used, that your browser will ask you to acknowledge, when used for the first time.


The CMS used for this site is a custom WSGI/Python based solution with a filesystem based database. It focuses on easy maintainability of the database with standard Unix tools.

Latest bleeding edge cms can be downloaded using the Git version control software by issuing the following command

git clone git://git.bues.ch/cms.git

or by downloading the cms snapshot archive.
To browse the Git repository online, go to the gitweb interface.
A mirror of the repository is available on Github.

If you would like to support any project on this website and want to make a Bitcoin donation, please use the following Bitcoin destination address:


Your support is greatly appreciated.

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