path: root/pilc/raspi-hat/firmware
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* Remove pilc-hatMichael Buesch2018-01-2817-2043/+0
* raspi-hat: Extend debug supportMichael Buesch2016-05-283-17/+63
* raspi-hat: Add likely/unlikely macrosMichael Buesch2016-05-281-1/+10
* i2c_slave: Disable sck workaround in raspi boot workaroundMichael Buesch2016-05-281-0/+6
* i2c_slave: Workaround hardware scl edge timing issue on stretching.Michael Buesch2016-05-281-3/+12
* raspi-hat: Put initial WD configuration into early initMichael Buesch2016-05-261-3/+7
* raspi-hat/pbtxen: Set default to 19200 BaudMichael Buesch2016-04-241-1/+1
* raspi-hat: Optimize pbtxen loopMichael Buesch2016-04-241-8/+4
* pilc/raspi-hat: Set default txen to 9600 baudMichael Buesch2016-04-151-1/+1
* pilc/pb_txen: Compensate for sw run timeMichael Buesch2016-04-121-13/+15
* raspi-hat: Fix txen time calculationMichael Buesch2016-04-111-2/+2
* pilc: Place eeprom emulation in flashMichael Buesch2016-04-083-13/+58
* raspi-hat: Build eeprom from .txt fileMichael Buesch2016-04-081-0/+3
* pilc: Add raspi hat eeprom supportMichael Buesch2016-04-075-15/+50
* Add raspi hat eeprom imageMichael Buesch2016-04-073-1/+12
* Add raspi hat firmwareMichael Buesch2016-04-0615-21/+1399
* pilc: Add firmware skeletonMichael Buesch2016-01-306-0/+499
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