BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
awlsim-0.65.xcython-patch: Rename magic commentMichael Buesch9 months
awlsim-0.66.xcython-patch: Rename magic commentMichael Buesch9 months
awlsim-0.67.xwin-deps: Add PyQt5_sipMichael Buesch8 months
awlsim-0.68.xcoreserver: Improve project loading robustnessMichael Buesch4 months
awlsim-0.69.xBump versionMichael Buesch3 months
core-optimizecore/memory: Fix type punning warning on older compilersMichael Buesch9 months
fupexample: Update FUP diagramMichael Buesch2 years
gui-coreservergui: Update yearMichael Buesch5 years
gui-projecttreegui/projecttree: Only use clipboard selection, if it is availableMichael Buesch12 months
gui-wiresgui/fup: Add snapshotsMichael Buesch5 months
masterUpdate pyprofibus and adjust hwmod to interface changesMichael Buesch7 days
micropyAdd experimental micropython stuffMichael Buesch3 years
raspi-hatAdd raspi hat firmwareMichael Buesch3 years
raspi-hat-2raspi-hat: Rewrite i2c in asmMichael Buesch3 years
raspi-hat-3raspi-hat: Rewrite i2cMichael Buesch3 years
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