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* Add support for AtTiny25/45/85Michael Buesch2020-07-111-3/+6
* Run 2to3 on all .py filesMichael Buesch2020-07-081-20/+20
* Add AtMega 48(P) 168(P), 328(P)Michael Buesch2015-11-261-0/+3
* Add support for pic24fPavel Štemberk2014-02-221-1/+1
* Add more Microchip implementationsPavel Štemberk2013-10-041-2/+2
* Add support for more Microchip and Atmel microcontrollersMichael Buesch2013-06-161-2/+4
* Add PIC10F20X supportPavel Štemberk2012-10-161-2/+5
* Add generic 27cXXX EPROM supportMichael Buesch2012-04-131-2/+1
* Move chip algorithms to submoduleMichael Buesch2012-04-061-0/+15 cgit interface