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* microchip16: Fix byte unpackingMichael Buesch2020-07-191-32/+29
* python3: Use integer divisionMichael Buesch2020-07-1925-29/+29
* bytes vs. str fixesMichael Buesch2020-07-0925-35/+35
* Run 2to3 on all .py filesMichael Buesch2020-07-0827-439/+441
* make executableMichael Buesch2014-02-221-0/+0
* Remove trailing #Michael Buesch2014-02-221-1/+0
* Add support for pic24fPavel Štemberk2014-02-2228-103/+2177
* Stop abuse of SUPPORT_... flagsMichael Buesch2013-10-131-5/+3
* Add generic support for parsing of ihex sectionsMichael Buesch2013-10-131-3/+8
* Add more Microchip implementationsPavel Štemberk2013-10-043-0/+536 cgit interface