Myradio SDR

Myradio is a highly experimental project for implementing a wireless PHY and lower-MAC in ATmega8 controllers.

The PHY uses very simple (dumb) radio hardware. I currently use these simple modules as lowlevel radio. A simple R2R resistor network is used for connecting the PHY microcontroller to the TX radio.

Does it work?

Yeah, it does sort of work. Valid packets can be transmitted and received. You still can't do anything useful with it, however. :)

Any pictures?

Here's a picture of some experimental hardware setup:

Image preview of myradio.jpg

On the left side you can see the transmitting PHY and on the right side on the white breadboard you can see the receiving PHY (The PHY can do duplex, but on this picture it's not doing duplex). The two PHYs are connected directly by the blue cable. This replaces the wireless link. However, using the radio modules is also tested and works correctly. I just didn't take any pictures of this. In the background on the scope you can see the received and interpreted signal. The MAC chips are not present in this picture, because it's already outdated. (note to self: Make new pictures)

Myradio currently is not maintained.
That means no new features will be added and bugs will not be fixed.

Latest bleeding edge myradio can be downloaded using the Git version control system as follows:

git clone

or by downloading the myradio snapshot archive.
To browse the Git repository online, go to the git web interface.
If you want to contribute to myradio, please read the contribution guidelines first.

Updated: Tuesday 19 May 2020 19:26 (UTC)
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