adxl345_driver2.gitRust driver for the adxl345 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer 5 weeks
avremu.gitAVR-8 emulator 5 weeks
avrev.gitAVR-8 reverse engineering tools 5 weeks
avrmakelib.gitBuild environment for AVR projects 5 weeks
awlsim.gitSTEP-7 AWL/STL PLC simulator 5 weeks
b43-tools.gitTools for the Broadcom 43xx series WLAN chip 5 weeks
b43-ucode.gitOpenSource firmware for Broadcom 43xx devices 5 weeks
baclico.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 5 weeks
bme280-upy.gitBME-280 sensor device driver with Micropython and Linux support (I2C + SPI) 5 weeks
cfe.gitModified (!) CFE 5 weeks
cms.gitSimple CMS 3 days
cnc-control.gitCNC machine remote control device 5 weeks
cnc.gitCNC machining (RS274/NGC) 5 weeks
crcgen.gitGenerator for CRC HDL code (VHDL, Verilog, MyHDL) 5 weeks
curveipors.gitRust: curveipo - 2D curve interpolation 5 weeks
debounce.gitAtmel Mega8 based signal debouncer 5 weeks
dht-i2c.gitDHT11/DHT22 to I2C converter 5 weeks
disktest.gitHard disk tester 5 weeks
dscrpr.gitData scraping framework 5 weeks
dummy-esp-idf-hal.gitDummy replacement for 5 weeks
dummy-esp-idf-svc.gitDummy replacement for 5 weeks
dummy-esp-idf-sys.gitDummy replacement for 5 weeks
envsensors.gitEnvironmental sensors - Micropython 5 weeks
fastrng.gitFast threaded random number generator 5 weeks
fpgamakelib.gitFPGA build toolchain helpers 5 weeks
fpgatest.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 5 weeks
funcgen.gitMicrocontroller low frequency function generator 5 weeks
galemu.gitGAL/PAL chip emulator 5 weeks
gamers.gitExperimental Rust implementation of random gaming stuff 5 weeks
linuxcnc.gitLinuxCNC 5 weeks
manplot.gitSimple reverse plotting utility 5 weeks
misc.gitMisc scripts 5 weeks
mmmeas.gitMultiMeterMeasurement 5 weeks
moistcontrol.gitAutomatic flower pot moisture control 5 weeks
morse.gitMorse en/decoder 5 weeks
movavgrs.gitRust: Generic Moving Average calculation 5 weeks
myradio.gitSimple MAC+PHY 5 weeks
nn.gitMachine learning experiments 5 weeks
openpsu.gitOpenPSU power supply firmware 5 weeks
partmgr.gitPart manager 5 weeks
pbwake.gitPower bank keep alive device 5 weeks
pcibx.gitCatalyst PCIBX32-X / PCIBX64-X Control Utility 5 weeks
pcremote.gitPC remote control 5 weeks
peekable-fwd-bwd.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 9 days
piccol.gitpiccol - PICk COLors - Color picker and translator 5 weeks
pilc.gitPiLC - The Raspberry Pi PLC 5 weeks
ppgpio.gitParallel-port GPIO 5 weeks
pwman-f2e.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 5 weeks
pwman.gitLightweight password manager 5 weeks
pwrtray.gitTiny power control tray application 5 weeks
pyprofibus.gitPROFIBUS-DP stack 5 weeks
rangelockrs.gitRust: Range lock for Vec 5 weeks
razer.gitRazer device library and tools 5 weeks
regtrack.gitregtrack - i386 register and stack tracker - reverse engineering tool 5 weeks
sauerbot.gitSauerbraten coopedit helper bot 5 weeks
shr3avr8.gitAVR-8: SHR3 3-shift register random number generator 5 weeks
shr3rs.gitRust: SHR3 3-shift register random number generator 5 weeks
simplepwm.gitLED PWM driver 5 weeks
spicetest.gitpyspice experiments 5 weeks
tetris.gitTetris game for the MyAVR-MK2 board 5 weeks
timeslicers.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 5 weeks
toprammer.gitTOP2049 Open Source programming suite 5 weeks
wifiscanner.gitWiFi-scanner OpenSource firmware and specifications 5 weeks
wolfsmuehle.gitWolfsmuehle - Board game 5 weeks
wrt-debrick.gitModified Linksys-WRT debrick utility. 5 weeks
xytronic-lf.gitXytronic LF soldering station firmware 5 weeks cgit interface